I Have Two Kids... or Maybe Three

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While my parents are still young, I found myself reading this post by Sarah at Mamas Against Drama with deep interest. My mom has been talking to me a lot as of late how her life has changed since she's been caring for the lot of my grandparents. While no one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, like Sarah's mom in her post, it's changed her life -- sometimes in good ways, sometimes in frustrating ways. Whether you're caring for your aging parents (or grandparents) now or will some day in the future, this post will make you stop and think about the journey of life and the support we have along the way.

I Have Two Kids:

DSC00612I have two kids – a boy who turns 5 this month and an almost 3-year-old little girl. I also, in many ways, have a third child: my 70-year-old mother. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease last year and in the hard, grueling months that followed, we have sold her house in another state, packed up her stuff, given away her car and moved her to an apartment a mile away from me.

And now I take care of her.

We call her Suge – the name she requested when my kids were born. Yep, Suge, as in the rapper Suge Knight. She says it's because she gets all my kids' sugar. My kids love Suge. They love having her around, running down the halls at her apartment building and opening the little gifts she brings them. They do get a little restless at the frequent grocery store visits to buy her food and the stops at Suge’s place to take out the trash and refill her medicines. But, as a good friend told me when this began, they are learning that this is how you take care of someone you love.

Continue reading to see how Sarah evolved into the mother of the relationship.

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