I Have To Wipe His What?


Los Angeles
United States

I am a stay at home dad with 2 kids ages 28 and 7 months. My wife is a highly succesful 6 inch pump wearing business professional. Because we are financially able, we decided it would be best for our kids if one of us stayed home to raise them.....yes even if it had to be me. In my blog I stick to writing specifically about my kids. I don't call it a family blog, then turn it into my own personal bragging site or boring journal. Seriously, I just don;t think anyone gives a shit about what kind of coffee I had for breakfast, or what shoes I'm wearing today, or what famous people I photograph, or how many chicks I've hooked up with in the Hollywood club scene. It's all about the kids and their lack of ability to wipe their own ass. Sure I feel like outsourcing my duties by bringing in an illegal immigrant off the streets to come in and teach my kid spanglish while potty trainging him....hell we have the money for it, but in all honestly, I don;t speak Spanglish so I just wouldn;t know what my kids were trying to yell at me. Just can;t outsource my parental duties like that.