I Heart Dads...

A few months ago, my Dad had a heart attack... it was described as a very mild heart attack, and he ended up with no damage to his heart... of course, while he was in there for that, they found a tumor on his kidney. He then had surgery to remove the tumor (which the doctors said was almost surely cancerous). The surgery went well and, after testing the tumor, it actually turned out to be non-cancerous, anyway! He was very scared when he went into this surgery that he wasn't going to make it through, but he has since made a full recovery!

However, we just learned that my father-in-law has had a heart attack. Again, it's described as mild, but he's probably going to be in the hospital for a few days, because he has to have some procedures done. My father-in-law is the sweetest guy... a hard-working man that my children just adore :-) Unfortunately, because he's still in the critical care unit, the girls can't visit, but my husband and stepchildren just left to visit him... and I took these pictures of the girls to take to him:

We actually loaded them onto a digital photo frame that my husband gave me for Mother's Day a couple of years back. To be perfectly honest, I've hardly ever used it... it mostly just sits collecting dust... so, this was a great use for it!

Anyway, here's some of my favorite pictures of my FIL with the girls:

Get Well Soon, Bob!

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