I hope I see her again

This girl walked in the store looking for stuff from the
fifties for her sister’s birthday. She came over to me and said “don’t you get
bored here all day alone? I said “yes” She said “do you have any bored games
I’d play with you? “No.” I said. “I like your tattoo it is real? I asked. “No
but I wish it was she said. Can you tell what it is? I look at it. I think I
know but I’m too scared to say anything I say “I’m not sure.” She says “sure
you can.” Making me feel like I can do anything and know everything. “It’s an m
she says.” I thought so I say, is that a d? “No it’s a 5 everyone thinks it’s a
d she says. It is my 5 favorite loves.” I remember the first and last. The
first the lord I admire that not many people put the lord first but here was
this lively girl who loved life and the lord. I was awe inspired by her kind of
star struck in a way. The last “my love” is all she said. I think she asked me
if there was anywhere I spent time so we could spend it together I freeze up
like the shy girl I can be at the worst of times. I can’t think I say no. I
feel so guilty maybe I missed my chance to be friends with this lovely girl.
She’s about to walk out she has to be off to other things I think and say to
myself I cant let her go I need to try something I shock myself and say “wait,
this might sound strange but do you have an e-mail? She says “no it’s a waste
of time she likes to go out and experience life just a fake e-mail that’s all.”
Off she goes out the door only leaving a “Have a beautiful day my love.” She is
gone and I feel bad I should have given her my number. I need this positive
girl this god loving girl back in my life. I miss this stranger I only knew
briefly. But she is gone and doesn’t return. I wonder if I’ll ever see her
again. I hope so. So I will say to you have a beautiful day my loves.


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