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Sure, sure, we're all been watching March Madness, in the men's tournament there have been an unusual number of extraordinarily close games and there have been a ton of upsets this year, but are you also watching the NCAA Women's basketball games? If not, you sure are missing something.

There has been a lot of talk about the dominance of The University of Connecticut's women's basketball team, and if you have seen them play you know why. Not only have they gone undefeated for over two years, but they have absolutely destroyed their competition.

Look at UCONN's scores so far:

Round 1:

Connecticut 95, Southern University 39

Round 2:

Connecticut 90, Temple 36

Round 3:

Connecticut 74, Iowa State 36

Round 4:

Connecticut 90, Florida State 50

Come on! Last night The Huskies beat the 3 seed FSU by 40 points and it was the only game of the tournament so far where they haven't double their opponent's score.

So is this level of dominance good or bad for women's basketball?

Some people say it is a bad thing, that it is boring when the same team wins everything all of the time. That one sided games are hard to watch. I get that. I agree with that, mostly. Then I watch a UCONN game, and if you can stop yourself from feeling sorry for the other team it is sort of like art. Maya Moore and Tina Charles lead this team in a way that is almost like watching Kobe and Shaq back in the day. Except better.

The problem is that people aren't saying that Moore and Charles are amazing. They are saying that the UCONN doesn't have any decent competition.

(Denise, this is when you yell PATRIARCHY!)

It clearly isn't true. There are other VERY good NCAA women's teams. This Sunday UCONN will face Baylor. Baylor is where Brittney Griner plays. You remember me talking about Griner, right? The 6' 8" freshman who can dunk? Now, I am not putting down any cash against the Huskies, but I think that Griner and The Bears will give them a much tougher game than their previous four.

There are some proponents who say that the UCONN dominance is a good thing. Why? Because even the mainstream male dominated media is talking about them. And them talking about women's college basketball at all is a good thing for the sport.

I personally think that the Connecticut/Baylor game is one that shouldn't be missed, and the winner of that game will play either Oklahoma or Stanford.

If you want to see some exciting basketball, check out the Stanford ladies taking out Xavier in the final second of the game this week.

It doesn't really matter what your feelings are on UCONN's dominance. These ladies put on a good show. They haven't lost a game since April 4, 2008 - and they lost that game to Stanford.

Just keep watching. This tournament isn't over yet.

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