I Hurt Myself Today

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Mimzy Wimzy
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Kimberly Morand
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All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something

Kim is honest. She allows you to see the good, the bad & the ugly sides. She loves her son and is fighting postpartum depression & bi-polar disorder with every cell in her being in order to give him the best of her. She will make you want to roll in the grass in the sunshine and laugh with her. She will make you want to hug her and share a cup of coffee {or wine} and cry with her. She’ll make you want to dance naked in the rain with her. Every word she types will captivate you. To have such a loving, giving heart even through her darkest days is inspirational.

She has many funny posts that show happiness, laughter & love. I did not choose those. This particular post made me cry for her. I want to run to her, hug her & comfort her. The fact that she is so willing to talk about things so dark to bring light to things people don't like to talk about in order to help others is to be commended.