i just need some one to talk to

I have been with my husband we have been married for almost a year and we started dating 6 years ago, we broke up after out daughter. I found someone nesw and he didnt like that in fact i didnt like it my daughter started calling him dad and i didnt like it. I then got back with her dad and we had our son who was recently diagnosed with autism. I recently found out for the 5 time that my husband has secret Twitter, instabang, kik, and shap chat accounts that are labeled as hang dang  and we delt with this before and he said he would stop. I just dont know what to do anymore do i leave him or contiune being hurt by him looking and talkingto other women who are naked or have little clothing on. He tells me i cant wear make up and i started loosing weight but he said that i am perfect the way i am, if he thinks this then why is he looking at other woman. I feel like im nothing to him, he has anger issues and always wants beer or marijuana

i feel so low, i cant even look at him and i told him in not sexually attached to him  and im moving out, i love him so much but im tired of being hurt.


am i taking it to far ...... all his friends say i am but my friends say im not.

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