I keep a "To Read" book list

A friend of mine gave me a notebook 3 years ago, cleverly titled “Books to Check Out”.  In this notebook, I have religiously written down more than 300 book titles, CDs and movies I would like to “check out” at the library.  How is it that the list keeps getting longer, and yet I’m always borrowing books from the library?  I digress…


A family crisis has arisen and, when DH and I went to my trusty notebook to see if I had listed anything helpful, along came the realization that of these 300 books, 42 are self-help books…that jumped out at DH and I.  I’ve known for at least 3 years I needed to change some things about myself, and yet I never borrowed them from the library because I was too embarrassed to read them at home in front of DH. 


So, DH went out and bought two of those books for me that night, and I’ve reserved a couple other books from the library that weren’t on my list (ah…that’s how the list keeps getting longer and yet I’m constantly borrowing books from the library!).  One I have picked up and am anxiously awaiting my turn to borrow a workbook to help me look at my life and thoughts in a different way.


The idea of blogging resulted from a discussion with DH this morning because of my fear of getting bored of doing all this reflection in pursuit of self-love. So, here I go...


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