I Knew It Was Over When He Left Me Alone In a Shady Part of L.A.


I felt like I didn't have a home to go to, either. Things had been tense between my husband and me for awhile, and I admit completely that I'd been a horrid crabby bitch all afternoon. But to leave me somewhere, abandon me, where it wasn't safe and where I couldn't get help? It just felt like such a betrayal.

I walked to a hotel. In those years, I didn't drink, but I was so tempted to sit at the bar in the hopes some man would offer to buy me one, and I'd drink hard. Until I couldn't see straight. That's what I wanted to do. Instead I went to a pay phone and called home, collect. My husband accepted the charges, but refused to come get me.

That's when I knew we were beyond repair. People get annoyed with each other all the time. Husbands and wives can be irritable, even rude, to their other half. But when he left me in harm's way and wouldn't even rescue me, it felt like it was over.

Eventually, I got a cab at the hotel, and my husband paid the guy when we got home. It took five more years for the marriage to officially end.

But for me that was the beginning of the end.

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