I know the feeling

The young lady had tried several times to hurry back down the gangplank but when the effects of losing her father became apparent, she reluctantly came on board. On the deck the girl leaned on the rail screaming. 

“Father!” she cried out. “Help me. Don’t leave me!” her arms were out stretched toward him as he blew silent kisses towards her, still with the blade to his heart. He motioned for her to quite down, to be at ease, just as one would expect a father to do.

She turned around and fell down upon the floor. Adanna watched as the sixteen-year-old girl was acting like a six year old.

            No one spoke to her while she lay on the deck crying.  Many of the other Princesses were standing off to the side laughing at her tattered clothes. The servants walked over her.  Not stopping to see if she needed any help.

            Adanna looked back where the girl’s father had stood only moment ago and he was gone.  Just like her father.  “They say they love you, but they are quick to leave you.”

Adanna had done her duty.  She was there when the girl came onto the ship.  Giving a final look back upon the weeping girl, Adanna walked the other way to do her shopping and wait for Nahue back at her cabin.

The ship had been out to sea for an hour.  Adanna heard the other Princesses talking in the hallway how the last Princess was still laying upon the deck weeping.

            Nahue sat with Adanna in her room.  They searched their mind to find something safe to get into.

Adanna remembered how she felt when she came on board.  “No one should feel that way.” She thought.  “He had his reason for leaving the dock before the ship left.” Her father’s sad face appeared in her mind. 

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