I Know I am in Here Somewhere...My personal journey with weight and now weight loss.

The story begins as far back as I can remember. I have always felt different, bigger, out of place.  In first grade, I even recall making up illness to not have to run a relay race. I never had the confidence in my physical self. Along the way, several experiences and people contributed to the insulation I have always carried to protect myself ~ the fat. Maybe the most pivotal person to contribute was my mother. She always seemed concerned with her size and mine. The junior high years seemed as good a time as any for her to give me some diet pills. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of education/ support about healthy living or nutrition in my small Kentucky hometown.  Looking back at photos from that era, I can see with my own eyes that I was not fat, but my mind did not see it that way.

So continued the cycle through high school and college ~ 20-25 pounds each year.  I maintained friendships and relationships. I did well in high school and college. I found the career of my dreams.  The insulation continued until I maxed out around 280 pounds.  Most who "know" me never realized that I weighed "that much", but I did.  I am still working on the part of weight that is in my head. I hope this blog helps me to get it out of my head and into some sense of order.  I decided to have weight loss surgery to help address my obsesity.  I truly believe that this journey is serving a purpose greater than me. I hope it serves as a record of the journey to find myself because ~ I know I am in here somewhere.

On my way to Me~


Current 260.3


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