I Know I’ve been Picked Out to be Picked On but Racial Profiling is Wrong!

I acknowledged her statements but when I advised her so that she is aware that I will be making a formal complaint to their corporate office, she quietly listened. I also told her I’ve had this issue happen before years ago with another huge, well-known retail store and took it to the NAACP and it was resolved amicably, gift card included, but I didn’t feel this needed to go that far. However after transferring detailed thoughts of the incident from my head to here, I’m considering it.

She apologized for the entire incident and the actions of her store personnel, made a disclaimer about the store’s policy regarding customers, and promised she would reprimand both Miss I Need To Do Things My Way and Mr. I Want To Be An Accomplice. I advised her I will follow up with her next week regarding the items.

In my opinion, this did not have to happen because Miss I Need To Do Things My Way needed to make assumptions about me based on the color of my skin instead of looking beyond her personal prejudices to avoid stereotyping and falsely accusing. And to make matters worse, she blatantly let me know of her intentions when she singled me out and her assumptions of who I was when making the decision to unfairly stigmatize by racially profiling when she purposely involved Mr. I Want To Be An Accomplice.

I know I’ve been picked out to be picked on but racial profiling is wrong! I had to address this matter and wanted to speak out about it today because no one should have to experience what I did, based on the color of their skin. We are all equal and should be treated that way no matter where we are or what people may assume about us on any given day. Stop racial profiling. Racial profiling is wrong. Can’t we all just get along? Please be careful who you pick on.

Thank you for listening! –JD

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