I love the idea of Pre-K for everyone

As a working mom I have had kids in daycare for around 6 years now.  My daughter is done with daycare and is now currently in kindergarten.  She went to a daycare with a pretty extensive preschool and pre-kindergarten program.  The school really taught my daughter a lot. 

By the time she was done with pre-k, she knew her ABCs, could recognize all of the letters upper and lower case and write all of the letters upper and lower case.  She could count to 20 in English and Spanish. She knew all of the days of the week, months of the year and colors in English and in Spanish.   She knew her shapes and how to write her name as well.

I am not claiming that my daughter is super smart, just that she had excellent preschool and pre- kindergarten teachers who really helped her.  I am lucky that I make enough money for my kids to go to a daycare with a good preschool a nd pre kindergarten program.  I know that not everyone has that option.  It would be good if all preschoolers and pre-kindergarters had that option. 

I'm not saying that we should even make it mandatory, but I think everyone should have the oppurtunity if they want it.  The first 5 years are very important in a child's development.  Someday I hope that there will be the option of preschool and pre kindergarten in public schools. 




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