I Love My Kids ..... just not at the same time

I love my boys, I truly do, just not together!  One is four and the other fifteen months.   Now that the youngest is walking, they don’t leave each other alone!  I’m constantly splitting up fights and protecting certain toys from the other child.  I’m loosing my mind!


They are little monsters sometimes!  I just can’t get over how much they like to push each other’s buttons.  I can tell this is going to be a life long theme for our family, and it drives me nuts.  One takes toys, the other hits, then the pushing and biting begins!


Once one of the boys gets upset or hurt and needs to be picked up, the other one get jealous and freaks out about not being included in the cuddles.  And trying to cuddle them together ….. impossible! 


I have recently had the pleasure of spending three hours a day with my toddler, while his big brother is off at summer camp.  The house is peaceful, I get to play silly games with my wee one ….. it’s SO EASY!! Same with when little bro is napping.  I have beautiful conversations with my eldest, and get to build some pretty wicked lego creations!


There is no jealousy, not rivalry ……. it’s almost like I have my sanity back!  I really connect with my boys one on one, but once we are all back together, things start to fall apart!  It’s so hard to balance the needs of both my boys and throw a bit in there for myself.


So, for now I keep the peace as best as I can and sneak away for a little bit of one on one time when I get the chance!  That one on one time is so healing and rewarding for our family. 


My boys are amazing, special creatures ……. but sometimes they drive mama crazy




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