I love packing

I do love packing. For trips that is. I hate packing for moving. Love packing for vacations. It's just so much easier to pack and move your life to someplace new just for a week, than it is to move every damn thing you own permanently.

I love packing and the planner in me needs to be prepared for everything. As such, I'm probably going to overpack for this trip. Wait, scratch that, I don't want to overpack unnecessary things, I want to make sure that we have everything we need, not a thing more. And I don't want to have to do laundry while we're there.

For clothing, here's what I'm thinking we'll need. Clothing for:

  • 2 formal dinners
  • 5 regular dressy dinners
  • 7 day outfits (summer wear)
  • swimwear
  • travel clothes for the plane ride there and back.

This translates to:

  • 2 party dresses for me, 1 suit for the hubs with 2 shirts, 2 suits each for the kids
  • 5 business cash outfits for me (2 dress pants/2 skirts, 5 blouses)
  • 3 dress pants for the hubs with 5 dress shirts
  • 7 summer outfits each for me and the hubs (shorts, shirts,- yoga pants and summer skirts for me)
  • 14 summer outfits each for the kids to allow for 2 clothing changes per day because you just know they'll probably get dirty part way through each day.
  • And at least 3 extra outfits for each kid just in case
  • This sounds like a lot. Hmmm...

I'm going to start assembling the kid's outfits tomorrow to see if I'm over packing for them.   I probably am, but 2 outfits a day is a safe bet for kids, right?

Add to all of this 1 pair of dress shoes, sandals and running shoes for each of us, accessories for me, underthingies for all and toiletries...  It's a lot of stuff. Well, I've got 3 big suitcases to work with so I'll have to make it work. One for me, one for the hubs and one for the kids to share.

Last but not least, we each have a carry-on suitcase as well, and that will carry our travelling gear, enough clothes and kid supplies to see us through one day each for the plane rides there and back, as well as our electronics (tablets, cameras etc.) and other valuables.

We'll also have 2 cheapie travel strollers and a sling for carrying the kiddies around.

Man, I've got a lot of packing to do.

Did I mention we're only going for a week?

~Preshus Me~

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