I love summertime fruit.





This is going to be a quick post; as predicted around here, we went from cool evenings to, I am so hot I think I’m going to die.  So very quickly, I will combine two prompts from NaBloPoMo, which are:


What is your favorite summer time food and what food makes you happy?



I love summertime fruit.





I remember having strawberry plants in my back yard.

I would pick them right off the vine




We had a beautiful peach tree in our back yard in Queens,  it grew so many peaches my mom would can the fruit, give them away, and make her peach cake.




 Place a bowl of cherries in front of me, and I will not stop until they are all gone.



Figs, we also had a fig tree in our backyard; funny story, I remember when I lived in Brooklyn there was a house on my block that the owner actually had a fig tree in the front of the house – in fact the tree was inside the gate.  One day my mom and aunt came to visit, we decided to go to the corner pastry/bakery for either a cappuccino, cannoli or to order a cake.  As we passed this house, I mentioned to my mom and aunt that one day I am just going to reach in and take a couple of figs. My aunt without missing a beat said; "Marisa just tell them you’re pregnant  and you are craving some figs"…I started laughing and thought, if I did that eventually they’ll know I was lying...



 Both Nick & I love plums, I remember taking these to the beach; I also wanted to include the plums because, for a long time now we can never find the plums with the red flesh inside, every time we bite into them they are yellow inside and we remember the olden days when our plums were a deep red inside. 





I love all these fruits; but watermelon makes me happy. I often have some, cut up for lunch.



What is your favorite summer time food and what food makes you happy?


Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!



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