I Love This Time of Year....

..for many reasons.

I start to get excited at the beginning of October, starting the countdown to my birthday and then 2 months later to Christmas. I hope I don't grow out of enjoying my birthday as so many others do. I've devised a strategy to stave off maturity - save a day's holiday so that I can have my birthday off work and spend the day as I like!

Every week more and more Christmas stuff is in the shops, to the extent today their full Christmas displays were out rather than a small aisle of products. I don't understand when people complain about Christmas starting earlier in shops - I think this year they seem to have left it later than normal to bring everything out, but either way I love it! I could spend hours looking at baubles and decorations and cards and wrapping paper. No such luck today, it was a dash around the shops before they shut and before J abandoned me for spending too long in them, but I did get a roll of wrapping paper today that I couldn't resist - Disney's Cars for £1 in Asda, a bargain! I'm not all that organised when it comes to Christmas shopping but I have started to make a list of presents I'd like and present ideas for others.

This week I started to wonder where to put the Christmas tree (we haven't got the room is the sensible answer but it's not Christmas if a corner of the tv isn't obscured by a branch as the tree is *slightly* too big), and wonder how early I would get away with bringing a tree home.

The annual conversation about where we were last year for Christmas has been done and dusted in record time. When J & I first got together, we saw both families on Christmas Day and two Christmas dinners. Luckily my family eat at dinner time & J's at tea time so we made one a bit earlier and the other a bit later so we could fit all that food in. Soon we had to admit defeat, it's no fun when you can't sit down and enjoy yourselves as you are constantly clock watching, ready to move to the next house and making sure no-one feels hard done by. Now we rotate every year, we wake up and have Christmas morning with one family before going to the other and having the rest of the day there. It's much easier (apart from trying to remember who's turn it is and where we were last year!) but I have to admit to looking forward to the day when I have a family of my own and then all the grandparents can come to me.

As well as Christmas thoughts turn to the next year ahead. I'm not big on New Year, I don't go out on New Years Eve to pay over the odds for the same night out that you could have on any weekend for a fraction of the price. However I get excited about little things, like deciding on New Years resolutions that I invariably won't keep but at this point the hope that this year will be different is still strong. I also love the opportunity to get a new calendar & diary as filling in the dates in a brand new diary is one of the most satisfying jobs of the year. I enjoy it that much that I bought my 2012 diary today! Time to crack out a good pen and practice writing in my best hand writing :)


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