I love you but don't tell!!!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about how the Petraeus affair !  It seems silly to me that two grown people act so childish and immature in regards to their personal lives.  I would have to agree that Petraeus is a low life.  He had an affair, his wife is no doubt humiliated and hurt but we still take it one step further by the bickering and name calling between two women that were supposedly involved with him.  I have to wonder why grown women, educated women would use email as a means of threatening another woman to keep away from her man.  This seems like grade school behavior instead of that of an educated woman and the head of the CIA!!!

Personally, I don’t care that he had an affair, it’s a horrible thing to do and makes me not respect him as a person or man but if he can do his job then isn’t that what matters most?  I do find it ridiculous that he would risk a security threat by using his email as means of communicating.  I guess my problem is with the fact that he has not shown responsibility or common sense when dealing with this situation. If he wants to have a mistress, go to it but he should show better leadership skills as the director of the CIA!!

Also, I might throw in that in my opinion this is all a ruse to turn people’s minds away from the Libya incident.  Instead of worrying about who slept with who and where the mails came from maybe we should be looking at what was clearly a terrorist attack, not a rally gone bad!

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