I Made a Personalized Agenda for BlogHer '10 and So Can You!

     Today I set out to make out my schedule for the BlogHer '10 Conference.  With so much going on at the conference and with my being a conference newb, it was a must that I have a schedule laid out for me.  Yes, you will see me carrying this schedule at the conference.  Yes, you will see me with a highlighter marking off the session I just left.  I'm just like that. 

At first, I thought that I might be fine with just writing the schedule down in a notebook, but that could potentially be very messy and I don't like messy!  Especially when it comes to time constraints.  My second immediate thought was to do an Excel spreadsheet, but then I remembered that I hate Excel almost as much as I hate Apple and U2 (long story). 

  I decided to go to my old reliable choice, Microsoft Word and look around at tables and grids.  Unfortunately, all that were included with my version were terrible and didn't suit me at all.  Thankfully, I knew I could download a Word template from the help button at the top right of the screen.  I found a link to Agenda Templates and lo and behold, I found a Conference Template.  I squealed.  I got up from my chair and danced.  I then celebrated with a doughnut (have to remember to buy more cheese balls...). 

Here is the link to the template that I downloaded. It's simple, yet will keep me on track and feeling very confident that I know where I'm going.  I warn you, though, you will most likely have a small issue downloading this (because Heaven forbid Microsoft make anything truly simple).  I was able to resolve the little problem simply and quickly. 

What can i say, it's a template!  You basically fill in the bars and cells with dates, times, and where you intend to be at what time.  It helped me to organize all of the sessions that I wished to visit as well as the parties that I will be attending.

I now have a printed schedule with my personalized conference agenda.  It's clean and simple and it's another part of my life that is organized and able to be filed away.  That makes me happy. 

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