I Make No Apologies: I Do NOT Like Lies!



I make no apologies.  I do not like liars and I do not appreciate the lies they tell; anything to do with lying makes my blood boil. 

Tell me a lie and I get upset when I find out.  Tell a lie on me and I go ballistic when I find out.  Tell a lie on me to someone who holds my job in their hands or a close friend/family member and I go insane when I find out.  And I will find out.

I speak from first hand experience because lies played a big role in my separation and eventual divorce.  It started with one little ‘white’ untruth that mushroomed uncontrollably into a big hive of black ugly stinging hornets from which our little family never recovered.   Read more.


Gale Weithers | Barbados

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Twitter: @WeithersLiving

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