before i was married i was a serial dater...i loved dating and i was good at it! not the best hobby, but one i throughly enjoyed. (i like to kiss) i met new people all the time and was always curious to get to know them better (why not get dinner out of the deal?)

when i was 18 i met josh (who is my husband for now;) we figure we will decided at 10 years if we want to re-up for another 10). we met at a mutual friends house and didn't think much of anything... i mean nothin!

second time we just happen to run into eachother in anoka (the burbs) at a tattoo shop...turned out we had the same artist, getting tattoos on the same day! coincidence? i think not! we had lunch at subway while his buddy got tattooed and got to know each other a little better. he had just graduated teen challenge (he was a drug addict for years) and had really, finally decided to surrender his life to jesus. he was living in a halfway house in the south metro and i was further north in plymouth. i was in a relationship and in a season of life where i was growing...a lot! we spend the next year and a half being best friends. him and his buddies would come see me play at an open mic in dinkytown every wednesday night and we had fun together.

he lived in burnsville and i lived in plymouth and we were both growing a lot spiritually at the time. so after hanging out on the drive home we would read scripture to each other (whoever was driving was being read to...obviously).

me and my boyfriend at the time decided to go our separate ways, my band broke up, and i quit my job. so whats a girl to do? move to san diego :) sounded like a good idea to me, so thats just what i did! i bought a one way ticket to move out to coronado and live with my sister. i had grand plans of meeting a hot surfer boy and having sweet beach babies.

on april 1st, 2006 josh drove me to the airport, we cried and hugged and cried and hugged and before we parted he handed me a gift. i got on the airplane still snot crying, not only because of having to say goodbye but because i HATE flying. something you should know about me! i decided at the age of 14 i would not let my fear of flying stop me from seeing the world so i flew to china. i have been a lot of places since then and to this day HATE flying... i digress.

i find my seat on the airplane and once i was settled in i ripped the wrapping, opened the box and it was a tape recorder. i frantically searched for my headphones and pushed play. he proceeded to profess his love to me (on a tape recorder) he thinks I'm amazing, and the last year has been the most amazing year of his life! all the tapes were full of him reading scripture to me. swoon!!! not so much...i mean talk about terrible timing to tell someone you love them. violently romantic? YES! ridiculously inconvenient? YUP!

but i was on a one way flight to san diego!?! the beach, the surfing, the sun. whats a girl to do?

stay tuned to find out.