I need answers!

Answer me this, because it really is a rather important question for all mankind - and truly trumps all the other crap happening in the world right now:

How is it that a person can turn into a Zombie (theoretically/cinematically) so quickly, with the rotting insides & outsides - but then just stop decaying?

I mean, why don't they continue to rot into dust as quickly?

If there were a zombie invasion, couldn't we humans just hold up somewhere safe and wait for all the undead to just turn to bones and dust?

They can't be much threat at that point, because all the ligaments and muscle and everything else that makes them lurch and shuffle after the meaty arses of the living would just disintegrate. With no glue for the bones, they are just a pile of calcium...right?

If they turn INTO zombies so quickly, couldn't they fully decompose quickly too?

I need answers, dammit!



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