I needed motivation and I found it!

I've been searching for motivation to get moving again.  After my last 1/2 marathon, I just haven't been able to find a reason to get moving.  It's been 3 months!  I really needed to get off the couch and do something more then walking to and from my twice weekly excerise class.

Well, yesterday I went and cheered on a friend in her 1st triathlon of the year.  I found my motivation!  I have competed in 4 triathlons and 1 biathlon.  I have 2 on my calander, Eppies Great Race in July and another in September.  Eppies does not require swimming and I do this as a relay with my maintenance man, but September is all me!  Talk about procasination!

This morning I went out and did 3 miles, I feel wonderful!  It's one day at a time, one race at a time, one lap at a time...So no more Ms. Lazy for me, I will be ready for these races and rock them!  Well, as long as I finish without dying, I've rocked it in my book!  Tomorrow, it's pool time!  Let's see how many laps I can get in without drowning!