I Predict A Riot - 5 ‘Me Time’ Exit Strategies

Woman Man ArguingWhen you co-habit a space with dogs, men and children (and some days it’s hard to tell the difference even when not squinting) there are times when you need a quick exit plan.

The days when you just have to get out from under and away from the house to meet up with the girls; or to find a chi-chi café somewhere to sip an exotic coffee while reading an equally exotic and intellectual foreign book; or to just sit in a library inconsolably sobbing “My life, My life” in much the same way him with the hunchback lamented the “The Bells, The Bells.”

It is on these days, though, it can prove infuriatingly difficult to just leave, without either 20 questions, or an annoying ‘Could You Just Get While You’re Out’ shopping list, or vitriolic opinion on the calibre of your friends ringing in your ears.


I put this tricky problem right up there with any big medical breakthrough, since lives can indeed be saved by a well-timed exit. Mine usually.


I therefore give you … ta da … THE READY-MADE ARGUMENT! Yeah! The crowd goes wild.


Hear me out.


This is the argument which can see you flinging yourself out of the house in a grand and justified ‘huff’, grabbing your purse and car keys en route with the added bonus of no interrogation, no errand list, no unsolicited opinions and ready-made childcare in place.


For the plan to work, though, you need at least 5 to 10 incendiary devices in your arsenal with which to ignite a seemingly harmless conversation. A conversation which needs to go from 0 to 60 and into the argument stage in as many seconds (and you out the door by the 61st second, tops).

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