I present the litter box chronicles....

Between the hurricane and the renovations, I learned that litter boxes are not just for poop!  Good thing that Alex was a little spoiled in the bathroom department and had seven litter boxes…. Because I put them all to good use.  I am sure Alex is happy that we held on to his boxes so that when we decide it is time to open our hearts and home to a new friend they would be set!   But I don’t think he planned on me using them the way I have… In fact, I think that if if he saw what I have been doing with them he’d turn over in his grave!

Seriously mom?  do you think I am not keeping an eye on you and dad... I see everything and well....

Seriously mom? do you think I am not keeping an eye on you and dad… I see everything and well….

But desperate times call for desperate measures…  THE LITTER BOX CHRONICLES!!!!


how else do you transport wine glasses?

Coffee anyone???

5Nothing like fresh grated cheese on a salad….


7I don’t think I could have crammed more in that time….

1change the den floor back to pre-sandy wood and this scene looks very familiar…

2Is this a combination or what?

3Litter boxes – it’s whats for dinner…..


what?  when you hurt your foot you don’t soak it in a litter box????




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