I put a ring on it.


Rings for all sizes

I think I am getting the hang of placing pictures with my blog. I can only hope that you enjoy reading my experiences because I am enjoying telling you about them. A few thing you need to know about ‘Toys’, you have to clean them before and after each use. It may sound like a lot but I am here to tell you that you will be doing yourself and your partner a big favor.  Second, keep your toys separated from one another. It is not as if they will get into a fight, but one plastic may melt the other or bleed into the other.

See what happened was…

I am not too thrilled about men taking pills to keep an erection especially when they really don’t need it and to take something like this with me, is a big No! No!

            “I have something that may help you.”

I ran down stairs to the bags of toys at the door. I had brought a lot all extra toys to take back to sell.  Many of which I hadn’t seen at the warehouse but will put in a request for an order. In a smaller bag I found what I needed, the only problem was which one.

In the picture you cans see three types. These are known as cock rings. In short once placed at the base of the penis, the ring keeps the blood from returning to the body.

 There is the pink Velcro ring, great for a good bang, too much.

There is the clear elastic ring with room for a bullet, too fast.

Lastly there is the leather strap with three adjustable sizes, too right.

I hurried back up stairs with the ring and toy cleaner in my hands. Straight into the bathroom I went.  In less than five minutes I had the toy clean, barely dry and ready to place it on him. The sound of a raised vice penetrated through the door. 

Could he have another woman waiting for me?  It wouldn’t be my first time with a woman. My roommate from one of those college tours that was not sponsored by the school taught me a lot.  Let’s just say I was awakened by the haunting moans of a blonde cheerleader from Texas and a big breasted Goth girl from Iowa. The blonde reached out her hand towards me, but I refused. All I could do was watch as moans of pleasure filled the room.

 Although the experience sounds interesting it would have been better if he asked.

I opened the door up slowly to see him seated on the edge of the bed having a full conversation on his cell phone. He saw me and gestured with one finger for me to wait as he continued his rant.

I dropped to my hands and knees with a large grin.  Slowly I crawled toward him, slipping in between his legs, making him reposition himself to let me gain greater access.  The book.

Don’t you remember the book I read as I flew on the plane and the one shown earlier? The book so many people took notes from…. There it is. And like that Texan Cheerleader, I learned a lot. I took hold of his shaft and carefully snapped on the leather ring.

“Let me call you back.” He stated as he ran his finger over the face of the phone. His expression showed his delight with the anticipation of the night.

I reached over and took hold of  the cherry flavored condom wrapper. Carefully I opened it and placed the condom in my mouth. I could feel his warms hands on my shoulders pulling me towards him carefully but slowly. He took in a deep breath of air out of excitement as my hands became braced upon his thigh.  I looked him in his eyes as I engulfed his member in to my warm mouth.


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