I Quit! (And I Feel Bad About It.)

I quit my first book for 2012 last night. I'm kind of freaked out about that.

Until pretty recently, I never quit a book - no matter how much I disliked it or how little I was enjoying it. I'd soldier through it 'til the end, (and gripe a lot about it all the way through.)

A few years ago, I quit a book. And then I quit another one. And before I knew it, I was quitting two or three a year. That's not a lot, not when you look at how many books a year I finish (200 last year.) But every time I quit one - I feel bad about it.

And quitting the first one of 2012 on the 16th of January. [GASP!] I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to be quitting books left and right this year, because if it does -- I could be in big trouble. I hate quitting on a book. I really hate it.

Do you quit books often? How many pages do you give a book before you quit? And when you quit a book, to you blog about it? (You've probably noticed I haven't mentioned the title of the book or why I quit it... should I?)

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