I really began thinking we had a ghost in the house

I'm a single mom with two children that their dad committed suicide when they were 13 and 15 years old, although we had been divorced for 7 yrs prior to his death we got along pretty good.  

The kids are now young adults but when they were young there were many times when I began thinking that maybe we REALLY did have a ghost in our house.  Things were showing up in the strangest places in the house.  It was nothing to find the peanut butter in the laundry room or a cell phone charger in the refrigerator.  There was a time that I even questioned if the ghost was making things happen in the house to mess with us!  My daughter is very independent, even when she was young and in elementary school.  Each morning she was determined to make her own sandwich for lunch, but every morning while making that sandwich she would drop the jar of mayonnaise on the floor, of course it would make a mess, shattered glass and greasy mayo everywhere!  We were always rushing to get out the door to get to school and work so we'd have to clean up the mess when we got home that evening.  I finally learned to buy the mall plastic squeeze bottle of mayo and refill it when it got low.  So many times I wondered if that ghost was messing with her, knocking that jar out of her hands! Then there were the nightmares my daughter had, the walking in her sleep, and at one time walking outside in the middle of the night and a police officer who was patrolling the neighborhood stopped and talked to her and brought her back into the house-all while she was sleep walking. 

My daughter loved to clean house.  She was obsessed with cleaning so much that her grandmother gave her rubber gloves and cleaning products for her birthday one year!  

There were times when I thought maybe the fumes from the cleaning products were affecting  her thinking because she would say and ask the most random things!  Example:  Her brother played baseball all her life.  One day we were in the car headed to the ballpark for a game... he was in his ball uniform, we had his equipment bag with us, she had on her ballpark shirt, and she said "where are we going?"  These random "off the wall" comments/questions made me think it was ME, maybe I had not mentioned we were going to the ball park, maybe I had not explained things well enough?  

It wasn't until my daughter was 18 that she was diagnosed as bipolar!  It was at that point I was, to some degree, relieved because it explained all the years  of crazy shit that had been going on that I blamed on either me going crazy or us having a ghost in the house!



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