I sat on my refrigerator and sang Blue Velvet

The day I shot this video, I’d run into a man I was mildly obsessed with.  I say mildly, because I honestly can’t remember what he looks like at the moment so it can’t be anything heavy.  

It was an awkward encounter.  My hair was a mess, and we barely exchanged words. 

I started to get a little mentally heavy, wondering if Anyone Will Ever Really Love Me and I got home and put my hair in curlers, something I never do. 

I decided I’d highlight the situation by throwing on a dress I’ve had for a long time and never worn and sitting on my refrigerator. And what better to accentuate the scenario than Blue Velvet?  

http://armchairperformer.com/ to see the video, I still for the life of me can't figure out how to post youtube videos on this site, though it seems like with the button it'd be blatantly obvious?

I’m donning one Kate Spade boot (the other one has a broken zipper I haven’t gotten around to having repaired even though I could get it done phenomenally and cheap where I work) and a rain boot.

I felt better afterwards, and for what it’s worth my hair looked nice the next day.


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