I Say This Every Year, But #BlogHerFood16 in Austin Was My Favorite

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I think there must be something about the city of Austin that just makes people relax and have fun, because everyone I met at #BlogHerFood16 was so warm, real, and connected—including our keynoting celebrities! I got to see a lot of panelists having a lot of fun with their audiences. And it goes without saying that many of those connections were made over meals in this incredible food city.

Lisa Lillien, Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Carla Hall at the closing keynote of #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, TX, October 8, 2016

Some of my favorite moments:

  • Carla Hall actually attending the conference all weekend, going to sessions and then being so charming, funny, and smart moderating the closing keynote on being a celebrity-chef. She is my new icon.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. sharing in that keynote that he's a storyteller from birth, and just the night before told the same story twice in a talk. (I can so totally relate to that.)
  • Our Pitch: Food Edition winner was the awesome Martha Pincoffs of Hot Dang. Her company is so named because when you taste her products, you have to holler, "HOT DANG, THAT'S GOOD!"
  • Elisa Camahort Page seemingly trying to marry off the (adorable) Smollett brothers, Jake and Jocqui, at the charming food demo and keynote they did with their (equally adorable) sister, Jazz.
  • Sharing a plane and a cab with the always-delightful Irvin Lin, who really impressed me at the Friday morning Lightning Lessons with his presentation about drawing creative inspiration from lots of different sources. He name-checked Beyonce's "Lemonade," "The Goldfinch," Buffy, sculptor Cornelia Parker and "Stranger Things," and so many more. I like his brain.
  • My unofficial side trip to Torchy's Tacos, and the queso I am already trying to copy.
  • Learning quick and easy tips on how to style food for Instagram—which I'll be sharing more of soon.
  • Discovering among the conference sponsors a new favorite cocktail mixer: Owl's Brew, made with tea, and planning to make it the next time I play croquet (seems like a perfect match, no?).
  • The absolutely gorgeous notes Kathy Phan took and shared:

  • Hearing (and yes, saying) several times that nothing's more important than sharing your own voice, opening your heart, and being real.
  • Getting to tell everyone in the room on Friday morning about the project I've been working on: launching a community platform on SheKnows.com! Stay tuned for more information on that one next week.

We have Storified tweets from all the keynotes and most of the sessions for you; you'll see them at the bottom of the panel descriptions in the agenda. And if the session had slides, you'll find them at the top of those same descriptions. We'll also have audio of all the sessions and video of the keynotes coming soon.

And if you have a favorite moment to share, post it to the BlogHer Facebook page. (Note: Taco and queso recommendations for next time are greatly appreciated.)