I shop on Black Friday.

I shop on Black Friday.

I have  every year since I have had children (and I have a teenager).

I plan to do this at least until my youngest is 18.... maybe even after that.

I do not shop on Thanksgiving Day.

I know that people have mixed feelings about people working on holiday but it is true that many things - some that many would consider "Thanksgiving traditions" -are open.  Movie theaters, football games, the Thanksgiving Day parade, restaurants, post office sorters, service workers, doctors and many others have to work already. Many welcome the double time pay and distraction provided for working a holiday and many do not. There should be options for those not wanting to work or a rotation basis so the same people are not working every year and yes, this debate could go on and on.

I have been in line well before midnight on more than one Thanksgiving evening – usually I am waiting for something that I know is on one of my daughter’s wish lists at a big discount but honestly sometimes I am just in line because I can be.

I wrote a few days ago about Thanksgivings past: lots of cooking & big dinners and how I have spent a few years reestablishing new traditions – and if you are curious I did find a good place to spend the holiday -Well Black Friday shopping is one of the few old traditions that I have kept. In the past, after spending days cooking and hours with people I always welcomed the break, so when the children were in bed I snuck off into the night – usually ALONE, but a few times with a trusted ally who knew The Rules.

Black Friday Shopping Rules:

  1. Always get Coffee
  2. Have a list/ copy of the sales adds/ map of where the special sales are located
  3. Go in & Get out…. Minimal browsing (except at coffee shops/ book stores)

How often do people with children get a whole night out with nothing to do but shop? (or see rule #3) - It does not happen except on the magical Black Friday -  In my old life there was little lingering so even Black Friday madness was an oasis. (I should note that with joint custody I do now have more time for occasional lingering - but that is a different story).

To this day I still think a lot of “The Black Friday Madness” is hype. There was one incident in 2010 involving a ZuZu Pet but other than that everyone else has always been extra kind – holding doors, “excuse me”ing,  and “after you”ing. Traffic never seems overly busy and many of the stores are dare I say; empty! 

Is it all a ploy to make us into good consumers? Of course it is!  No, Christmas is not about the presents but if you are planning on buying presents (and most people are) shouldn’t you get them at the most convienant time and at the best price. The holiday season is about spending time with the people I care about, SO I spend one night getting everything on Santa’s list and (usually) have it wrapped before the sun comes up. That means the rest of my holiday is free to spend time with my loved ones, make Christmas cookies, go to holiday parties, and dare I say enjoy the joy of the season. 

I am DONE! Are you?


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