I Spy With My Little Eye….A Need for Quick Fun Holiday Gifts

I-Spy Bag

Judging by all the jingling I keep hearing and that guy dressed as Santa who I saw at the mall today when I went to buy new glasses, it seems that holiday time is right around the corner for many. If you’re like me, you like to pepper the gift lists with handmade items, especially for the little ones in your life. In this spirit, I wanted to feature a quick and easy little craft that you could probably whip up with items that you have on-hand in your home. It might require a quick trip to the craft store, but the cost would be pretty nominal and the end product is well worth it in my opinion. Plus, it is a good way to give purpose to little odds and ends that you might have around the house lest they end up at the local garbage dump.

This may be old news to some, but “I Spy” bags are a twist on the game and book series of the same name. Like the proverbial search for the needle in a haystack, I Spy bags encourage the user to squish a bag with their fingers in search of fun little trinkets amidst a field of rice or toxic evil plastic beads (guess which one I used). The advantages to the bags are many. For one, they are easy to tote along with you to occupy the little one when he or she needs something to keep ‘em busy. Additionally, the tactile experience of searching for the items to be found can be very grounding for some and can be a good fine motor exercise as well as provide practice distinguishing essential (trinkets) from non-essential (rice) items (i.e., filtering stimuli). This can be of benefit especially to children with challenges in the sensory processing arena. An additional perk of the bag vs. book format is the ever-changing nature of the game in bag form. The lima bean will never be where you found it last time, so keep on searching. Of course another benefit is the fact that you can make the bag at home, whereas the book…not so much.

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