I Started My Own Business!

On a shoestring budget, a wing, and a prayer. That's how our little store started. Five friends, one vision, and a need to carry on. Let me start with a little bit of background. There are five of us, myself, Mary, Joan, Karen, and Tammy who make up our core group. We all met when we were working for a great country store. We became more than friends, we became family. Not only the five of us, but other women, who will remain nameless, and the owner of this great place. We did so much together. Cookouts, bonfires, birthday parties, vacations, you name it, we did it! Our friendships were are still are a great blessing! Then tragedy struck. Our dear friend and owner of this country store, became suddenly ill, and unexpectantly passed away. We didn't just lose our boss, we lost one of our best friends. New management took over the store, we all tried to stay on, but the vision and original feel of the store, the family, was gone. One by one we left that old store. We remained very close, and knew we missed what used to be. So, Primitive Country Memories was born on October 1, 2012! We thought long and hard about our name, and we knew "memories" had to be there. This new little store is in memory of a vision that was shared with us for many years, and we wanted to carry that on. It wasn't easy. I'll start with that. Once word got out what we were planning, there were some hard feelings. But we knew in our heart of hearts that this was ok. This was right. This was what we needed to do! Joan. Mary and I had so much fun driving around looking for that perfect little spot. We knew where we wanted to be, and we we found it, things started to move. Probably the most stressful part was building my business plan. Demographics, economics, trade trends, projected sales, projected payroll, project rent, overwhelming is an understatement. It took a lot of research, a lot of patience, and about two and a half months to get the business plan together. When it did finally come together, it looked great....if i do say so myself. I had our accountant look it over and he gave the go ahead. So off to the banks I nervously went. Guess what? THEY SAID NO! That's right, i was unable to secure financing for my dream. Talk about heartbreak! But we just could not give up! I wanted this so bad! So i refused to give up! My wonderful, supportive husband talked to his parents. They graciously funded our dream! Talk about a God send and a leap of faith! Then came the real fun! We registered our trade name, then registered our LLC, then registered for sales tax, got our EIN (employee identification number), our vendor's license, and it was official! When we signed our lease, we could hardly contain our excitement! The shopping trips were so much fun! All our families were so excited for us! The day we got our keys and could get into our space to paint was one of the happiest days of my life! We have been running strong now for almost nine months. Things are going great! We love what we do. That's why we say a shoestring budget, a wing, and a prayer. Never give up on your dream, there is always a way! If i can make this happen, so can you!


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