I stopped eating my emotions

I'm a 55 yr old single mom of a 16 1/2 yr old daughter. Before marrying late in life at the age of 36 and having my youngest child at 38, I was always very active and fit. My marriage turned out to be a disaster, I divorced, and was the main caretaker of two girls while I worked a very demanding job as a 911 dispatcher. The stress of the job, taking care of two children, dealing with an absent father turned my life upside down. I became increasingly depressed, my anxiety was off the charts and I eventually couldn't stand the thought of one more day in an under-staffed dispatch center. I would eventually end up losing my house, my ability to work and gained 100 lbs that I kept on for 7 years. I tried to re-enter the work force but wasn't able to and was found disabled by Social Security at the highest level. I was 47yrs old. My blog sounds like it should be under "mental health" and I'll probably post there as well, but this is to give those who are struggling with weight issues, whether you're an over-eater, binge eater, secret eater, I've done it all. Then I decided that I had lost so much of my life that if I wanted the smallest chance at getting my life back to some normalcy I had to address my weight. I had gone from 145 to 250 lbs. I always felt uncomfortable, hated buying clothes and didn't want to diet and exericse. So, I started walking, and I started reading about food. I can't quote authors, I can only tell you about the sites I read, but once I started eating REAL food, stopped eating breads, pasta, all bad carbs, the weight started falling off. I also realized that butter is so much better than margarine. We are eating chemicals in every thing we eat, so why keep buying more? You can't escape them all together, but learning about good fats, cutting out sugar, simple carbs, etc. can be the turning point for you, because it was for me. It took two years to lose the weight, but I wasn't in for a quick fix. I didn't want a "diet", I wanted a lifestyle. Now I eat around 1000 calories a day or less, feel full, eat foods that have good fiber and good carbs, no sugar or trace amounts and I rarely eat wheat. The best part is I'm never hungry and am always making up my own menu, because I know what to eat and what to stay away from. Not only have I gone from a size 20 to a size 6, I've had extensive talk therapy to help me get out all my negative emotions (I call it word vomit) and in return I don't need to push those feelings down with food. I don't think it's a coincidence that I started losing weight at almost the same time I started seeing my fantastic therapist. The deeper I went the faster the weight came off. I never thought I would ever be thin again, I was resigned to being fat the rest of my life, but one thought, one bit of encouragement, one mindset on ONE day, changed my life for all the days after that.

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