The I Suck at Meal Planning Edition

I don't know why we didn't make a meal plan last week. Maybe because last Monday was my birthday and I don't do things like meal plan on my birthday. I'm kidding. I *totally* plan my meals on my birthday. For a long time it was a "must have Mexican food on my birthday" plan, which was partly superstition (this rule did not get followed on my 25th birthday and well, it was just a horrid birthday), partly tradition (it started when I was 18) and partly a really good excuse to drink margaritas. I've given it up the last few years though and I can say with authority that the lack of Mexican food was NOT what made my 25th birthday suck. (It definitely could have benefited from some margaritas though.) I ate a darned tasty grilled steak and as much grilled asparagus as a girl could eat. It was fabulous.

But that still doesn't explain why I suck at meal plans lately. A lot of things are up in the air right now. Schedules keep changing. The fake husband's weekly night out might be shifting to another night. Maybe. He doesn't know yet. (This drives me crazy.) There have been a LOT of schedule changes over the last few weeks and I just don't deal well when my schedule constantly is switched. I need to know, y'all. I just do.

I've also been struggling with what to cook. We've hit that first round of "Yay! It's warm enough to grill!" meals and now I'm trying to remember what we cooked on the grill all last summer. And what on earth did I serve on the side? You would think that with all the cookbooks I have in the house, the ones I borrow from the library and all the food blogs I read that inspiration would not be an issue. Ha! Logic, I defy you! <?p>

We still don't have a meal plan for this week. We had steaks last night. We're having nachos tonight topped with some of the leftover steak (yum). I think we're having pasta tomorrow. The rest of the week is a mystery. We've talked about pulling some ribs out of the freezer for the weekend (mmm ribs). Chances are high we'll have pizza on Friday.

What are you cooking this week? What do you do when you are running low on foodie inspiration?

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