Ouch! I Think My Son Has Fangs

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[Editor's Note: I think each of my sons bit me once. Perhaps my surprised yelp scared them into never doing it again -- though my older son bit his grandma. On the lip. Ow. Tabitha at From Single to Married to Baby writes about her son's toothy problem with a bit of humor peppered in, but she's desperately seeking advice. Go help her out! -Jenna]

I Think My Son Has Fangs:

FangsPerhaps I read Twilight while our son was in the womb. Or perhaps I just taste really good. Whatever the reason is, Henry loves to bite me. It doesn’t matter where, any place will do. In fact, he often gets me by surprise as he’s coming in for a kiss on the cheek. A kiss that has a whole lot of teeth.

I don’t know what it is that causes him to bite but instead of getting better as he gets older, it’s getting worse. It used to be kind of funny, almost cute when he was tiny. But now that he’s 17 months old, he mainly does it when he gets upset or angry and those suckers hurt!

Some part of me realizes that it’s his way of acting out his frustrations, but it doesn’t make it any easier to handle.

Continue reading and offer some advice if you have it!

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