I like to think of myself as a Dee Lite

Many years ago when an heir to the throne of England was born astrologers were summoned to whip up a natal chart. This stuff was considered REAL and IMPORTANT back in days of yore. Nowadays, not so much with the horoscope. That just seems too contra-traditional so I have stepped in to fill the breech. Call me John Dee.

Happily, we know the place, date, and time of Prince George’s birth and I have software to do the math so I can do it for him easy-peasy. I figured y’all would be curious, too. Plus, we'll all have a record of it so we can see if any of these predictions about his personality come true. I’m just doing the 5 biggest things, tho. I am too lazy to put together the Full Monty.

1) The little prince has a Sagittarius ascendant, or “rising sign”. This bodes well, because Sag rising people are often charismatic as hell and God knows charisma will be 99% of his job. They also tend to be athletic/sporty and passionate do-gooders. The downside is that they tend to be blunt and can have a bit of a temper in private. His very famous grandmother, Lady Diana, had a Sag rising. She seemed to do fairly well in the public eye, no? His father, Prince William, is also a Sagittarius rising and he does well flying helicopters, playing polo, making light of himself, doing charitable works, and being hugely popular. With those examples lets give two thumbs way up for this little guy’s rising sign!

2) George has a sun sign in Leo, for which he should be thankful. Not only do Leo’s have an inherent “majestically” quality about them, they tend to enjoy the spotlight. There are a shit load of celebrities and political leaders with a Leo sun. At the best, Leo’s are self-confident and generous. At the worst, they are egomaniacs and generous. The best thing about the Leo sun for George is that his sunny Sag rising won’t be just a public face; he’ll remain pretty social in private as well. His Dad Wils and G-Ma Di are/were Cancer sun signs. That means they are/were secretly shy, very emotional and sensitive to criticism, prone to grudge holding, and have/had a TON of empathy and caring. There public persona is/was somewhat painful to them, even though they like/liked attention, because they are/were intensely introverted people. It is much harder to be a Cancer royal than a Leo one. Wils is handling it better than Di because he had/has very loving and attentive parents whereas Di was a forgotten middle child who was supposed to be a boy and forevermore sought the love she wasn’t getting at home. Personally, I’m glad little George caught a break.

3) Beware foolish peasants! Your future king has a Moon in Capricorn! The good news is that Capricorn Moons are can be very loyal and think very Deep Thoughts. The bad news is that they can decide that emotions suck and become cold-heart bastards who try to crush the competition under foot. They also have this weird habit of being able to separate love & sex into very disparate categories. They may love their spouse very much and be married for decades, but also have had affairs and not really see why this is an issue. Unless the spouse cheats on them, of course. That is always bad. They also, nice or not, tend to be very competitive and like positions of power. A good example: the President of France, Francois Hollande, is a Leo with a Capricorn Moon and he is famously devoted to economic justice. Other people with Capricorn moons who care about the “larger picture” are George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. A bad example of a Capricorn moon, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an sexist bullying asshat -- but even he didn’t screw up too badly as a politician in fairness. The worst example of a Capricorn Moon in history is Adolf Hitler, but the odds of Prince George ever being that bad are astronomically slim. Fortunately, Capricorn Moons that get enough hugs as a child tend to be a little more mellow, more physically faithful, and don’t have to be better than everyone else to prove their worth, thus I have high hopes for little George.

4) The new prince has a Venus in Virgo. He will not fall in true love easily (although he will try often because it looks so wonderful to have that) and will be very picky. Virgo moons tend to “fall in love” and then get disillusioned when the significant other isn’t “perfect” for them. Remember how many engagements and weddings Julia Robert’s had until she broke up her current husband’s first marriage and settled down? She has a Venus in Virgo. Since George doesn’t have the option of quickie divorces, the odds are good he’ll marry later in life rather than falling in love as a very young man and staying in love like his Dad and Granddad (Charles never stopped loving Camilla).

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