I thought I Was Electrocuted!

On July 19th, a post about fireflies was published on the blog, Two Teens and Their Mama. Reading it reminded me of a long-forgotten moment in time.


Every few years my family would travel to Pennsylvania, to visit my grandparents farm and spend time with our relatives. My sisters and I always looked forward to catching fireflies, because they did not exist where we lived in Alberta.

Image: My twin sister and I on a tractor ride at my grandparents farm.


One evening, when I was about ten, my cousins, sisters and I were catching fireflies and playing hide-and-seek outside at dusk.  It had rained that afternoon and although the grass was very wet, I was barefoot.  We had been warned repeatedly about the current of the electric fence line that corralled the cows, but in the excitement of the game I forgot all about it. Running quickly, I did not see the fence in the dim lighting, and ran right into it.  I felt a sensation of being grabbed and shaken, then was thrown to the ground.  Awareness of what had happened dawned slowly.  I checked myself all over to be sure I was alive - had I just been electrocuted?


Slowly, I made my way back to the house and into the bathroom.  Under the light above the sink, I discovered some abrasions (burns?) on my arms and face.  I felt guilty about not heeding the warnings about the fence, so never told anyone what happened.  I was always very careful of the fence after that!

Guest Post

I have been asked by Lana, the blogger at Two Teens and Their Mama, to write a guest post for her blog.  She plans to publish it tomorrow. I hope you head over there to seeit, and then also read her firefly article and spend some time browsing Lana's wonderful blog.  I think you will enjoy it every bit as much as I do - and Lana's writing may even trigger a few memories of your own!

Have you ever felt guilty about getting hurt, because you did something you were warned not to do?

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