I Thought It Was a Joke

In typical Cafemom style, one post of mine has started a mutiny in one of the popular groups. On April Fools Day, the picture and post of a can of Chocolate Toddler Formula started floating around facebook. Several of my friends posted a link, and when I finally clicked on it, I was SHOCKED!  It was a REAL product!!!!

I am still in shock and horror that there is actually a product out there like this. Now, before the bash fest starts (like on cafemom) I am a formula feeding mother, my second son needs formula. He breastfed, and we had a lot of issues, and it was what he needed. Disappointing to me because I had no issues breastfeeding my oldest.

A product with 19 grams of sugar per serving, meant for toddlers. Yes, formula for toddlers. Now, i haven’t taken the time to call my Pediatrician about this yet, but I think I can already know what she would say about this.  After a year old, children should not be dependent upon formula (if the child is formula fed) and should be utilizing other products for nutrients such as milk.

The company that makes this product, Enfamil also has a great tasting Vanilla pro-biotic formula coming out soon. BARF!

Now, I understand that some children need weight gain, some children need toddler formula for various reasons, but why are we going to encourage our children into unhealthy eating habits by providing them with a tasty chocolatey treat? In a country with obesity rates in our children growing, it seems like simple and unknowing choices like this as children could lead our kids into serious risky eating habits as adults.

I am never surprised at the lack of ignorance on cafemom. One of the first comments about this when I did post it was : “What’s the big deal? Kids extended breastfeed”  AHHH!  There is NO comparison between a chocolate formula for toddlers and a mothers breast milk. They aren’t even on the same page, or in the same book!

So in light of the chocolate formula controversy, I found this on facebook this morning and thought it was hysterical. The only way for some of us to deal with our outrage and hate for a product like this is to mach it.

If our kids want chocolate toddler formula, why not bacon flavored?  Get them started on clogging up those arteries early!

I think the biggest realization this all brought me to today is that Jamie Oliver is right, there is such a huge issue with food, eating, nutrition, and our parents today that we need to seriously take a look at in our country. There is a problem, and the comments that the parents on cafemom brought to the table did nothing but prove that parents are grossly un and under educated on what we should and should not be giving our children.

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