I Used to be Great at Video Games, Until I Took an Arrow to the Knee

Weekends around our house are two days of no planned activities. During the morning, we head to a park or the huz takes the boys out to throw the boomerangs while I pick up the evidence that people live in our house.  But, the boys’ most favorite thing to do on weekends is visit the local video game store, find a new game to conquer and they come home and play it together.

I’m not so good at that. Benji told me he was sad Dad was gone because I don’t know anything about video games.  He added that I really stink at video games and that made him sad. 

I try, I really do try to get into video games.  I’m always right there, on the sidelines, watching as they find their way through Skylanders, Skyrim, Portal, The Orange Box and more.  I know why the ending of Mass Effect 3 ticked off an entire generation of gamers.  I blame everything on the fact that I once took an arrow to the knee.  When my husband puts on his microphone and gears up to kill zombies in COD, I know it’s going to be a long night.  Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games to watch and read about.  Killer cowboys rule.

However, if you put a controller in my hand the fun ends, for me, anyway.  I spend most of my time trying to control my person.  The person spends most of their time staring at the ceiling or running in a circle.  I can beat the crap out of Zumba or Peggle, but don’t ask me to control Captain Shepard or he’ll just look like an idiot and we can’t have that.  So, I sit on the sidelines and cheer on my boys.

We are a video game family.  They love it, they are good at it and I think it is good for them.  They learn to work as a team.  They learn to solve problems, as a team. They reach achievements.  They transfer the story lines and imaginary places into real life.  They’ve come up with their own ideas for video games and I’ve seen their imagination go into overdrive.  

No, my kids aren’t overweight. Yes, they play outdoors, a lot.  No, they aren’t overly violent.  Yes, they know the difference between real life and what’s on the screen.  Sometimes I feel the need to defend my choice to let them play video games for a few hours during the week, but I’m tired of trying to prove that the kids are OK.  

The bottom line is we love video games, the boys are great at them and they are a fun, family activity, so we’re gonna keep playing and saving the world from zombies, aliens and ghosts. You’ll want us on your side when the zombie apocalypse happens and you need somebody to save your butt.






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