I Used to Have Ann Romney's Life. I Had Privilege.


In fact, when I hear Romney contemplating policies that would strip welfare women of benefits in order to give them "the dignity of work," I feel deeply afraid for women unlike his wife, who apparently doesn't need the dignity of work. Because if this man becomes our next President, the average woman is charred toast.

For a gander at some of the anti-woman policies Romney has supported thus far, read here. For some thoughts on pro-women policies Ann could suggest her husband support, read here.

I'll be honest: I often miss my former life. I don't miss the guilt I had, having so much when others had so little, but I do miss the absence of stress.

The kind of stress that comes from lack of choice.

And that is what Hilary Rosen was talking about. When you don't have to worry about money ever, and you can afford to buy your way out of most problems, being a SAHM, even to five boys, is easier than being a mom who does have to worry about making ends meet, and who can't buy her way out of most problems, whether or not she stays at home.

Or in Ann Romney's case, stays at homes.

I appeal to all women who don't have to have a job, and especially those women who can afford help, those women who have enormous financial cushions to buffer them from job loss or foreclosure or bankruptcy due to health problems, to admit what they do have.




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