I’ve been seduced by a blender.

There was a time I’d get excited about scoring tickets to a Depeche Mode concert. Today I did a happy dance because we bought a new blender.

A blender.

Tsk tsk tsk Sad headshake and sneer courtesy of my 20-something self.

20s-me: Get a grip woman. It’s a kitchen appliance.

40s-me: But it’s so shiny and powerful. And you should see the size. This conversation is taking a wrong turn.

20s-me: Don’t you have desert boots and fishnet stockings you should be buying?

40s-me: Been there done that sweetheart. I’m all about a powerful engine now. 1100 watts baby!

20s-me: You are an embarrassment to everything we stood for.

40s-me: Like what? New wave concerts and shoulder pads? I have a family to take care of and smoothies are magical elixirs of life.

20s-me: Are you blending mushrooms? What’s in those smoothies?

40s-me: I’m glad you asked…

On today’s menu – A New Years Detox Smoothie


Score 1 point for 40-something me, unless it’s gag inducing and then I’ll blame Pinterest for suckering me with pretty pictures of cucumbers and lemons. A few weeks ago we began juicing again and if my first smoothie attempt is a bomb and not da bomb at least we can wash it down with the jus du jour – a pineapple-red cabbage-apple mixture. So far it’s the kids’ favourite.

Just when the lure of powerful rotating blades and solid BPA-free polymer construction became more attractive than the latest shade of pink lipstick is unclear, but it was probably around the time my biological clock tick-tocked me into having kids.

Whatever…I’m good with that. Now I’ll be feeding my family smoothies on those days when sitting down for a meal is a foggy memory replaced by dashes to cold arenas.

Anyone have any favourite recipes to share? Nothing with Brussels sprouts or that smelly fruit I can’t remember the name of.

* I found a similar recipe that includes apples. Might try this one since the apples probably make it more palatable to a kid with a strong gag reflex. Dr. Oz’s Green Drink


Kat @ jackstrawlane


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