I’ve Only Been 29 Years Old Once

A friend just invited me to her 29th birthday party. Ha ha. So funny. How original.

You see she hasn’t been 29 in a while. Early in her 40 years she learned aging is equivalent to rotting. At 29 she was still fresh enough to be on the shelf. At 40 she’s certain the wrinkles, the folds, and the lines are signs she will soon no longer be relevant and she will be tossed aside.

Best to simply pretend 40 never happened. So she’s 29…again.

It’s hard to blame her. Society does tend to laud the young and firm. The only time a post-29 year old woman gets praised for her looks is when she has miraculously failed to age normally.

Wow, she looks amazing. It’s hard to believe she’s almost 40. That’s practically dead.

As women we listen to cosmetic companies, fitness professionals, and their corresponding celebrity spokespeople warn us about the horrors and shame of aging. They tell us again and again how much our bumps, lumps, lines, and wrinkles...

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