I voted against proposition 8, and I am very proud of it!

I voted 'No' on Proposition 8 on the recent election, and I am proud of my decision. I believe all individuals have the right to decide who they want to marry. Just to give a little background on Proposition 8,

“Proposition 8 was a California
ballot proposition
that changed the state
to restrict the definition of marriage to a
union between a man and a woman
and eliminated the right of same-sex
couples to marry
. The proposition did not affect domestic
in California

I know, the information above looks silly, but you would be surprised to know how many individuals are actually misinformed about Prop 8. It just outrageous to me, that many individuals have decided to choose 'yes' on Prop 8, withoutsufficient information or research. Not just prop 8, there are so many current issues that are so important to know, but people simply don’t care! (or may be don’t want to care) For example, on a conversation with one of my driving instructors a while ago, I told her that my husband is a gulf war veteran. Guess what her response is, "Oh really? Did he fight in behalf of India?” Since when, India got involved in any gulf wars? God only knows! Just because I am an immigrant, she automatically formed an opinion.

Some, in my opinion have voted for prop 8 simply based on morals and religious beliefs. I was surprised to find that my church insisted on voting for proposition 8 over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I am not a non believer, I just don't agree with this particular conflicting decision of the church. Do we really follow everything the bible has to say? Of course not! We just hang on to beliefs that are convenient to us, that’s all.

One of our friends decided to vote in favor of proposition 8, solely based on the issue, ‘introduction of same sex marriages in the public schools’. They just looked so freaked out, it's impossible to talk any sense. No body can 'turn' children in to anything, we are what we are, and nothing could change our sexual preferences. Unfortunately, very few people actually understood this fact. In addition, what is wrong if same sex marriages are introduced in public schools? Wouldn't we want our children to be tolerant of differences? I do, for sure.

I was not shocked to hear about the election results regarding Prop 8, I expected what the turn out was going to be. I should say that I am disappointed though, because I expected a lot more tolerance, esp. in a culturally diverse state like California. I really have no idea how to change opinions, but I am going to try as much as I can.
Recently, my son, Daniel, the why monster, approached me (again) with one of his infamous questions.

"Mama, can a girl-girl, boy-boy marry?"(There we go again!)
I thought about it for a second and said, "Danni baby, do you know what's very important when grown ups marry each other?"

"Don’t know. Is it the cake, mama?"

"No, Daniel. It’s important for both to be in love each other. Nothing else really matters"
He thought about it for a while. His eyes started to twinkle, that means he is getting a new idea.

"Mama, I found the person I am going to marry!!"

I was shocked, “Jeez, that was fast! Who could that be?"

"Princess Fiona”


“But mama, I am really, really in love with her!”


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