I voted today....

I voted today...because it's what I always do. I voted today...because the thought of wasting a ballot or that right to vote makes me cringe. I voted today...because 10 years ago I had a Daughter and I promised her the world...or at the very least the BEST that this world has to offer. I voted today....because I want my Daughter to have the VERY SAME opportunities and possibilities for her future as her brother and cousins do. I voted today....because when she was a little curly haired baby sitting on our knee we told her she could be ANYTHING that she wants to be...and I intend to do everything in my power so that she never has to choose to be anything less than HEALTHY, HAPPY, and FREE to make decisions about her life and her body. I voted today... because I want her to know that she is worth as much as any man. I voted today...because I never want to let my son think it is ok to think women are worth less than their male counterparts. I voted today... because I COULD NOT have looked my Daughter or my Son squarely in the eyes tomorrow if I didn't. I voted today....because my one little vote DOES matter. I voted today...because generations of women before me fought so that I COULD vote today. I voted today...because if I hadn't used my right to vote than I would have no right to complain....and I'm kinda partial to complaining. I voted today...because I care. I voted today....and I hope that you did too:)


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