I Want My Kids to Be Judgmental

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[Editor's Note: In our society, we all kind of balk at the thought of judgment, judging or being judged. When I initially saw the title of Gianna's post at A Traveling Thought -- "The Importance of Judging" -- I shook my head and said, "What now?" As I read, however, I realized she had some great points. I think I still feel more comfortable calling it discernment than judgment, but whatever you call it, it's pretty darn important to teach our kids some of these things. How do you teach your children to deal with -- and judge -- difficult situations? -Jenna]

The Importance of Judging:

Adjusting_Glasses_1FLYou may not agree, but I also want my children to be intolerant of certain things. I want them to be intolerant of cruelty. I want them to be intolerant of laziness. I want them to be intolerant of apathy.

I want my children to judge, and I want them to be intolerant. If my child decides not to play with another child because of cruelty to others, then so be it. I will support that! I will praise that decision. I will say, "Good call!" And if that parent believes that my child is judging their child, I will say, "My child is judging your child's choices. My daughter has decided that your child has been cruel to others and doesn't want to spend time with him."

Continue reading to see if you agree with her thought process.

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