I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment...

I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment...

Grossi_003 Mr. G and I spent last night at a luscious Sweet 16 party for a darling friend of ours. Somewhere between my pink martini and the amazing array of Italian food, the D.J. put on a song that slid my hips into a motion that resembled rhythm...and inevitably that tends to lead me to the dance floor. You'd think that I swung onto the floor with my hunky hubby in hand, but at the time, he was clear across the room. So I grabbed the arm of a few girlfriends and we drifted onto the dance floor together.

As I moved to the thumping beat of the music...I looked around me. Within a few feet of me was at least 5 delicious girlfriends. They were grinning, laughing and all were dancing. It was juicy and so completely full of life and threads that make up the fabric of girlfriend relationships. I could have stayed, right there ~ in that moment ~ for a long time.

But then Mr. G, showed up on the floor. And I tell you, he was there in his dark suit with this fantastic lavender shirt and complementary tie...smelling utterly amazing and looking so tall, Italian and handsome with those hazel eyes of his. Darlings, I nearly melted into the floor boards. He whisked me into his grasp and suddenly I was dancing with my adorable husband and feeling the full force of romance in all of its potency. I could have stayed, right there, in that moment ~ for a long time.

The evening progressed beautifully. The celebration was a hit on all levels. And when we returned home, I ran upstairs to look in on my little baby Jack. He was laying there, quietly sleeping. Tucked carefully by our sitter beneath a warm blanket on my bed. I stared at his pink cheeks, ruby lips, and the sweet pudge of his hands. I breathed. I felt my heart beat stronger. And I could have stayed, right there, in that moment ~ for a long time.

Juicy living or adventure is not always made up of enormous events, lofty living, or things that the person next to you might even notice. Sometimes it is very small. Sometimes it is simply about the memories that you make in your lifetime. It can be in the places you'll remember always and pictures that will last in your mind for as long as you have a mind to hold them. So I ask you, what gives you pause and encourages you to say, "I could stay right here, in the moment, for a long time?"


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