I Was Interviewed For A Blogging Betties Podcast About My Experience With BlogHer

I am this week’s podcast interview on The Blogging Betties!

I got sucked into the Blogging Betties Podcast2

I was so excited when Vanita, Poppy and Tammy (a.k.a. The Blogging Betties) asked me to be the interview subject for this week’s interview.  Why? Because the 16 previous podcast subjects have included the likes of Deva Dalporto (MyLifeSuckers.com), Fadra Nally (All Things Fadra) and JC Little (The Animated Woman), some of my blogging stalker prey heroes.

If you are a blogger, definitely mark your calendar for the weekly podcasts from The Blogging Betties.  They give great blogging tips and their guests provide all sorts of blogging secrets, ideas, and inspiration.  I know that many of us bloggers are afraid of audio, since the written word is where it’s at for us, but  it is fun to mix it up.  Plus, it will drowned out the sound of your kids screaming when you are getting ready in the morning provide informational listening in the car for those of you who obey the no blogging and driving laws.  They also have a great blog filled with tips you can put to use ASAP to improve your blog.

Now that I am officially in the cool crowd, I am definitely too cool for school, and may be too cool to run errands too.  I’m still deciding and will inform my husband soon.

Check out the show notes and listen to my interview with The Blogging BettiesHERE.  We talked about being featured and published on sites other than your own blog in order to expand your reach — my tips, ideas and where I have had good and bad luck.

Yes, I am so cool now that there are show notes to summarize my infinite blogging wisdom — or maybe the Betties just thought people would be put off by my man voice, and want to read the highlights instead of listen.  Hmmmm.

BB 017: Susan Maccarelli Builds Blog Exposure with @BlogHer



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