"I was talking to my pretend sisters!" (What are their names) "David Bowie and Isla." ~ @sassypiehole, 2012

My daughter once told me that she had 100 invisible friends. They all had names similar to everyone she's ever met, and many of them had the same name. For example, I think there were about 36 Ava's–ironically, Ava is her best friend. She said that they went with her everywhere and if she did something naughty, she'd always throw one of them under the bus and say that her invisible friend TOLD her to do it. Who was I to argue... At least she wasn't alone!



Me: "So, let me ask you... Do your invisible friends see me? Because I can't see them!"

Her: "Yes. And sometimes they sit right next to you."

Me: "Hmmm... Well, what if I accidentally sit on one of them?"

Her: "That would never happen because they are really fast and will move if they think you're going to sit on them."

Me: "I see. Are any of them here right now?"

Her: "Yes. They are always with me."

Me: "And do they make you feel safe if you're feeling scared?"

Her: "Yes, they do. When I had to get up on stage at school and I was really nervous, my invisible friends went with me."

Me: "That's awesome! I wish I had invisible friends!"

Her: "Well, you can share mine. I'm sure they wouldn't care. Let me ask them." *Asks them* "Yeah, they said it would be okay."

Me: "Cool! So whenever I want to hang out and you're not here, I can just grab one of them?" 

Her: "Yup!"

Me: "Thanks, honey! I've always wanted my own pretend friends!"

And it's true, I have. Pretend friends are the best! They don't care if you forget to call back or get caught wearing the same jeans three days in a row, and they certainly won't mind if you're in a bad mood. Best of all, they're quiet. Very quiet...

Like they're not even there!

The way I see it; if having an imaginary friend (or 100) gives my daughter the confidence she needs to step out of her comfort zone, then good for her for finding them! Sure, it may seem strange to walk in and hear her laughing at a joke that one of them just told; but those little bastards are funny, and I've gotten a lot of good material off of them. I know one day she's going to outgrow it and join the ranks of the not-so-sure. She'll probably need a lot of reassurance from yours truly to get over those hurdles in life that might otherwise cause her to fall... And that's okay, just as long as she gets back up if I'm not around. But if she chooses to keep those friends and her visible friends start giving her shit, I'll tell her to remember one thing:

They're just jealous because the voices are talking to YOU!



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