I went on a vacation

I went on a vacation.

I love a good road trip. It was awesome to see new places and meet some of the people that the people I care about care about. In this time I experienced more than a few moments of pure happiness – kayaking on Lake Michigan, geo caching in the forrest, The Best pie ever, a detour through The Great Smokey Mountains, and another through a small Georgia town with rocking chairs on every porch  - but one moment that nobody else knows about stands out and that is the one that I want to share.

It was my turn to drive. I was driving towards home through the bottom hills of Kentucky and into the beginnings of Tennessee. I have not had the opportunity to explore either place minus a few night time flybys so I was amazed at the sheer beauty – even on a highway – of my surroundings: green mountains, a winding road and blue sky.

In that moment I realized that nothing is more blissful than going towards home and the people you love surrounded by sheer natural beauty and a carful of peacefully sleeping people that I also love. This is the moment when I would usually take out the phone and snap a picture but instead I didn’t.

I just enjoyed the moment of being alone and together.

Away but approaching home.



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